Watershawl is Shopify e-commerce support for your product-based business.

We provide warehousing for both shipping and receiving products, customer support, and Shopify order management. We have the warehouse space and the e-commerce shipping experience to keep your inventory safe, organized, and shipped when you need it. Fulfilling your products with Watershawl can reduce your operating and inventory costs, so you can compete more effectively.

What can Watershawl E-Commerce Services do for your business?

  • Increase flexibility and control with a customized e-commerce fulfillment solution.
  • Accelerate response to market changes through flexible, scalable services.
  • Cut overhead costs by outsourcing warehouse and software needs.
  • Limit investment and risk for companies entering new market segments.
  • Increase customer retention by improving the overall customer experience.
  • Build customer loyalty and retention through personalized shopping experiences.
  • Grow sales with online marketing services, e-mail, coupons, and loyalty programs.
  • Provide customer service, order confirmation, and order numbers for tracking.

To get started, email info@watershawl.com